Tetsuro Miyazaki

About Me
Tetsuro Miyazaki is a half Belgian and half Japanese photographer. He grew up in Brussels and spent most of his summer holidays with his Japanese family in Saga-ken, Kyushu. For most of his life, he has identified as ‘half Japanese’ in Belgium or ‘hāfu’ when in Japan.

In 2016 he decided to compare his experiences with 192 Japanese hāfu: one from every country in the world. This resulted in Hāfu2Hāfu; a photographic project in which he investigates what it means to be hāfu. By portraying and interviewing other hāfu and by sharing their unique identity related question to you – the viewer – we create a dialogue about identity and stimulate self-reflection. He has currently photographed 90 hāfu from 65 different countries.



Presentation and Workshop

During the SIETAR Japan Global Congress, Tetsuro Miyazaki will give a presentation of the Hāfu2Hāfu project and an interactive workshop about mixed heritage identity.

During the presentation, Miyazaki will talk about the project background and it’s current status. He will also share his personal experience, some insights in what defines the identity of Japanese hāfu and what issues people with mixed heritage deal with. The presentation will end with a Q&A.

The second part of the program is the interactive workshop. There will be a group session and various interactions in pairs or smaller groups in which participants will discuss different topics based on the questions in the Hāfu2Hāfu project.

Miyazaki’s session is aimed at everyone with a particular interest in racial diversity and will focus on how you can use the project to stimulate dialogues in your own classroom or (work) environment.



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