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Here are the dinner and festival options:

  • Sunday, August 5th (11:00 AM)
      • Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri (More Info)
      • Price Range: Free Attendance (Metro Fare: ¥490 One-Way from Tama-Center StationFood¥100〜¥1000)

  • Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri is one of the three largest Tanabata festivals in Japan!
  • Tanabata is a traditional festival based on a the Chinese Qixi Festival. It celebrates the story of the Cowherd Star (Altair) and Weaver Star (Vega), lovers separated by the Milky Way, who were allowed to meet just once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month. We write our wishes on colorful pieces of paper and tie them to bamboo trees. This tradition is especially popular with children in Japan.
  • You can look at many paper sculptures and enjoy local festival/street food.
  • Sunday, August 5th (5:00 PM)
    • Hachijoji Matsuri (More Info)
    • Price: Free Attendance (Metro Fare¥330 One-Way from Tama-Center StationFood¥100〜¥1000)

      • Over 800,000 people attend this 3-day festival every year! There are over 300 food stands & gift shops, performances from geisha, night markets, taiko drummers, a lion dance, giant traditional floats (also known as “19 Dashi”), and more!
  • Wednesday, August 8th (7:30 PM)
    • Okonomiyaki Dinner at Taketombo (Official Japanese Website)
    • Price: ¥2900 for standard course, all-you-can-eat & drink
      • What is “okonomiyaki”? It’s heaven on a grill! Watch the video below to find out. 😋
  • Friday, August 10th (6:30 PM)*
    *This dinner is for guests who are NOT attending the Ukai Toriyama dinner! 

    • Gyoza/Izakaya Dinner at Dandadan Sakaba (Official Japanese Website)
    • Price: ¥3000 for course meal + all-you-can-drink
    • (Sorry, this course is not vegetarian. No vegetarian options are available. 😭)