You can still register on-site (cash only) at the conference!


Registration for the networking party on August 11th will be accepted during the conference
Deadline: August 9th @ 4 pm
Fee: ¥2000 per person

Thanks for your support! 💕

All Presenters: You are required to sign up through Early Bird Registration. If you do not complete your Early Bird Registration, your name will be removed from the Conference Program!

The roundtables will be held during the conference lunch hours on both August 9 and 10. Both the facilitators and the participants are encouraged to eat their lunches during the discussions. We hope the facilitators will create a relaxed environment that allows for people to come and go as they need. We have had a wide variety of topics in the past such as how to get your journal article accepted, cultural identity, short-term study abroad programs, discrimination, repatriation training programs in an educational context, SIG led discussions, and many more.
These discussions need not fit the particular theme of our conference so feel free to propose just about any 

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2018 SIETAR JAPAN World Congress Participation Fees

Early Bird Registration Deadline: June 20th, 2018

Bento/Lunch Options: Lunch is not provided but the student cafeteria is open for those who would like to try this cultural experience. As we have lunchtime roundtable discussions, however, we encourage participants to purchase their lunches on their own in advance before coming to campus. For those who need Halal food, if you contact us in advance, we can order special lunch boxes for you.

Registration available at the HP of 2018 SIETAR JAPAN World Congress or at the reception desk of the conference:

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